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When I started traveling solo for some of my trips, I scrambled to figure out what the heck I was gonna do in each country, and whether I would find vegan food.

I remember relying on 7-eleven's juice boxes and bananas in Taiwan because I didn't plan ahead. It turns out, I missed out on A LOT of great vegan food as well as beautiful sites I could have went to.

I want to help you save some time, from making the same mistakes I made, and from the regrets from the planning I DIDN’T do that could have made my trips more worth it.

Before we start, make sure to download my free vegan travel checklist to stay organized:

Vegan Travel Checklist

Planning Your Trip - The Basics!


  1. Figure Out Where You Want To Go
  2. Book Your Trip
  3. Choose Activities To Do
  4. Find The Best Vegan Food!
  5. Find Accommodation
  6. Plan Your Budget


1. Figure Out Where You Want To Go

Don’t know where you want to visit, or want somewhere new to go? Here are some questions to ask yourself when choosing your next vegan destination:

  • What are your top 5 cities or countries you’ve always wanted to visit?
  • Is there a place you’ve read about that has TONS of vegan restaurants and you drool just thinking about it?
  • Do you have a vegan friend in a country that can show you around?
  • Is there a language you want to learn or practice? What countries do they speak it in?
  • Are there volunteer opportunities you want to try? Where?
  • Are there any vegan festivals, concerts, or other events coming up that you want to check out? has a list of vegan festivals around the world, and has calendar of vegan events and activities:

Vegan Festivals     Vegan Events

-- list them down and write it inside you vegan travel planner ---

2. Book Your Trip

My go-to sites for booking flights are and Skyscanner has an option where you can compare how much flights cost by the month, which can be super helpful if you want to find the cheapest time to fly.

*Tip: To get notified when flights are on sale, make sure to sign up for the airline’s newsletters and follow them on their social media accounts.

3.  Activities

What are your top must-see sites?

To get some ideas on what you want to see or sites you want to visit:

  • Look up the city or country on for top places to visit as voted on by other travelers.
  • Check out blogs from people who have been there and what they recommend.
  • For events happening when you are there, check out I’m always on the lookout for local concerts!
  • To find vegan-related events, find the local vegan community by looking to see if they have a group on Facebook. *You can also start a new post on the Facebook group asking if anyone is free to hang out or eat at a vegan restaurant!

Check out more ways to meet vegans here:

4. Find The BEST Vegan Food

What vegan restaurants and food do you want to visit and eat?

  • Check out what vegan options are available in that city on
  • Look up the hashtag #[enter city]vegan or #vegan[enter city] on Instagram to see places what vegan food options the locals are eating. For example, #ManilaVegans

Filipino Manila Vegans  Vegan Philippines Filipino

  • Check out other vegan bloggers that have been to the city/country you’re visiting for their recommendations
  • Ask a local! Look for a vegan group/person from that city/country on Facebook or Instagram and ask for their favorite spots to eat vegan food
  • List out the places you want to eat at and look online to see if they have any menus as well as reviews on what to try

For the Ultimate Guide To Finding The Best Vegan Food, scroll on over to my post here.

⇒ When you have your list of activities to do and restaurants to go to, group them up by location.

For example, on Day 1: Vegan Restaurant #1 and #6 are both located next to Sites #3, #7, #8. Go to all of these places on Day 1 to save time and commuting money!

5. Find Out Where To Stay

  • is a perfect site to search hostels you may want to stay at. You can sort the hostels out by distance, reviews, prices, and more.
  • is another favorite to book accommodation. They include hostels as well as hotels.
  • If you’re looking for a free place to stay, helps you connect with locals who will let you stay for free on agreement basis. There are many vegans on Couchsurfing, including a "Vegan and Vegetarians" group. They would also be perfect for vegan restaurant recommendations!
  • Volunteering: My top two places to find a work/volunteer exchange is Helpx and WWOOF (Worldwide Opportunities on Organic Farms). In exchange for you volunteering, WWOOF hosts can provide free housing and food. 
My WWOOF host in Singapore, Ground-Up Initiative:

organic farm Singapore organic farm Singapore

6. Plan Your Budget

Now that you have an idea on what kinds of activities and restaurants you want to try, it’s time to calculate a general budget for your trip.

You can find the full outline on how to calculate your total budget on the free vegan travel checklist.

Flights Total:

Activities Total:

Restaurants/Food Total:

Accommodation Total:

Transportation Total:


Total Costs:

You’ve reached the end of this guide! I hope you were able to start planning your trip, and get ideas to look forward to.

Now that you have everything set, here's your next step:

⇒ Help Me FindThe Best Vegan Food!

⇒ Help Me Pack!

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What has been your favorite part about planning a trip? I want to hear from you! Leave a comment below:

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