From a 2-week trip to a year-round trip, packing is an important and sometimes-fun part of vegan travel. Beyond just eating plant-based food, being vegan also means not buying products or services that are tested on animals or contain animal ingredients.

In this guide you will learn how to:

⇒ Pack cruelty-free vegan travel

⇒ Pack the essentials

⇒ Pack minimalist

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Vegan Travel Checklist

What Products Are Vegan or Non-Vegan?

Millions and millions of animals are tested on each year. Millions die, and are imprisoned and subjected to horrible and nasty experiments. Don’t be a part of that! Go through these steps for a cruelty-free vegan packing.

Step 1: Does your product contain any animal ingredients? 

Some common animal ingredients (unless stated plant-derived) in beauty and essentials products include:

  • Carmine (crushed beetles)
  • Tallow (animal fat)
  • Gelatin (animal bones)
  • Collagen (animal tissue)
  • Lanolin (wool grease)


Not sure if the ingredient is vegan?

  • Google search the product or ingredient. You can most likely find a vegan review of it online.
  • Download the free app “Animal-Free” which is like a handy short-cut dictionary of vegan and non-vegan ingredients. You can use this app offline.

Cruelty Free   Cruelty Free


Step 2: Are your products tested on animals?

To find out, look on the information on the back of your product: Does it have the Cruelty-Free Leaping Bunny certification on it, or does it indicate the product isn’t tested on animals?

  • If the product doesn’t mention anything, research the company and product. Again, you can most likely find a vegan review of it online. If you don’t, email the company. It’s also an easy way to show companies that people do care if products are tested on animals.


Non-vegan clothing includes:

  • Leather, silk, wool, fur, down/feathers, cashmere, and suede. You can find this information on the clothing tag.  

Here are my top vegan travel essentials:

1. Osprey

For a longer trip, I use Osprey’s Meridian 60L/22” convertible backpack/wheeler luggage, which also meets carry-on luggage requirements. When I go for shorter 1-2 month trips and want to pack light, I bring just the detachable day backpack. Osprey’s day backpack has been with me through many trips, and are sturdy but oh-so comfortable!

2. eBags Packing Cubes

These gems are such a space-saver! One of my top recommendations to travelers. There are different-sized cubes, but I use the slim-sized cube, as one fits in my day pack, and all three can stack up in my bigger Osprey backpack. To make the most of the cubes, I do the rolling-clothes method so that I can fit up to 12 tees in one cube. Of course, it will vary depending on size and type of clothing.

3. Vegan T-shirts

Not technically essential, but wearing vegan t-shirts is an easy and fun way to spread veganism wherever you go, as well as to befriend other vegans you may come across!

My favorite vegan apparel are from Compassion Co., sweat-shop labor free, environmental friendly, and all organic cotton company.

vegan shirt  Compassion Co

4. Comfortable Shoes

You are most likely going to be walking, a lot. You want to be using shoes that will not leave you sore at the end of an already-tiring day! I’m always on the look out for comfortable, but also *cute* shoes. I’ve really loved my Jambu vegan shoes for hiking and Chucks for day-walking. I’m always on the lookout for versatile travel shoes; let me know your favorites!

5. Powerbank

You don’t want to be on your phone the whole trip, but you also don’t want to miss out on some memorable photos to share with your family and friends! Having a powerbank will be handy, especially if you’ll be out all day, or for all of that Google Map battery you’ll be using to look for vegan restaurants. 😉 You can get it at most electronic stores, or on Amazon.

6. Essentials/Toiletries

Packing enough of a product (below the 100 ml carry-on maximum) will help you avoid the situation of having to find a more pricier, vegan replacement in the country you’re visiting. To prevent this, get a couple of the refillable travel-size bottles and fill them up with your favorite vegan products! Here’s what I use and bring with me on trips:

  • Dessert Essence Red Raspberry Shampoo
  • Toothpaste: If I’m not using activated charcoal (trust me, it works), I like Nature’s Gate Natural Toothpaste (make sure it’s in travel size or fill some up in a refillable bottle)
  • Deodorant: I use Crystal Deodorant Stick, which is a rock, a literal rock. You lightly damp it the stone stick with water, and roll. It’s amazing and it works!
  • Coconut oil: I like to fill up a travel-size bottle with Nature’s Way coconut oil. I use the coconut oil for lotion, conditioner, make-up remover, hair smoothener.. The possibilities are endless!
  • Sunblock: don’t forget your sunblock! I use Nature's Gate Aqua Sunscreen, all vegan and free of harmful chemicals! Remember to put some in a travel-size container!
  • Baking Soda: works well as deodorant or toothpaste!

Minimalism Tips

I was always one to overpack, and there were always items I never even used, again and again…

So Why Pack Less?

  1. Lighter load: If you’re traveling and commuting tons, you want to go from place to place as smoothly, stress-less, and tired-free as much as possible. Having a lighter load feels soooo much better.
  2. Clearer mind: Having less stuff to pack each trip will also feel better, mentally! It keeps things simple, and as it goes, the less options you have, the easier it is to make decisions on what to bring.
  3. More sustainable: When you become more minimalist with packing, you get better at figuring out what you need and what you don’t need. More stuff means more garbage waste, packaging, energy production and more pollution.


With these reasons in mind, here are some minimalist packing tips to help you for your next trip. Go through each item, and ask yourself:

  1. Do I really need this? Am I FOR SURE going to be using/wearing this?
  2. Can you get by with just one of the items? Do you need both jackets, or will one be enough?
  3. How will the weather be? Are most of the clothing items weather-appropriate? Back to the jacket tip - if you’re going to a warmer place, 1 jacket for cold bus rides will suffice.
  4. How often can you do the laundry? Are you able to hand-wash some items (i.e. underwear) in the sink? If so, scale back on some clothing. It’s ok to wear the same clothes in a trip as long as they’re clean.
  5. Shoes tip: can 1 pair of shoes be for heavy walking or hiking AND casual walking?
  6. Can you pair outfits with the clothes? Does your jeans match with all of your tops? No need to bring 4 jeans!
Did you go through your items? What are you going to work on next? I want to hear from you! Leave a comment below:

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